Kingswood Plans On Show: Have Your Say

Plans for the proposed residential redevelopment of Kingswood golf course in Dingley Village go on public exhibition from 19 July until 30 August 2018, providing an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to study them and make comment.

The Kingswood Project Team is encouraging individuals and groups to view the proposal and make submissions to Kingston Council during the exhibition period.

Plans were first submitted to Kingston Council in March 2016 and the Project team has worked with Council planners since then to ensure the proposal meets all council officer requirements.

The proposal and plans can be viewed on the Council’s website and public submissions can be emailed to quoting Amendment C151 in the subject line.

The project’s Senior Development Manager, Anna Martiniello, urged people to study the plans carefully and make individual submissions.

“The proposal is very detailed and meets all the performance requirements sought of the project by Council officers, and exceeds industry best practice,” Ms Martiniello said.

“We are proposing a master-planned residential community, with 760 individual lots. The development will include a mixture of low-density and medium-density housing, more than 14.6 per cent of the site dedicated to usable open space (20.7 per cent in total), flood retention works for some 62,000m3 of stormwater (more than five times the statutory requirement), a financial contribution to council of $7525 per dwelling, and a dedicated financial contribution towards affordable housing.

“In addition, our proposal provides parks and passive recreation areas for the whole community to enjoy freely, wetlands and wildlife habitat for birds and other animals, and the possibility of much-needed community assets such as a child-care and/or aged-care facility.”

Ms Martiniello said the proposal did NOT include plans for apartments or flats, or plans for multi-storey developments. All buildings will be designed to perform to high environmental performance standards.

She said the development had been carefully designed to blend with the existing Dingley Village streetscapes and community.

“This is the opportunity for the public to give Council their thoughts about the project and how they think it will affect Dingley Village and the surrounding community,” she said.

Submissions must be received by Council no later than 30 August.

Summaries of the proposal’s key points can be found in simple fact sheets on this website

  • July 19, 2018