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To deliver on the vision of creating an exemplary, masterplanned residential community, and provide Dingley Village with a great urban renewal outcome, a high calibre team of consultants has been assembled to inform the masterplan design and assist in its delivery into the future.

ISPT - Super Property

ISPT – Development Consultant

ISPT has been engaged to manage the re-zoning and redevelopment of the Kingswood Golf Club.

ISPT is one of Australia’s largest unlisted property fund managers. Founded in 1994 by four leading industry superannuation funds, ISPT has grown to be owned by 21 industry superannuation funds and like-minded organisations, including education, religious groups and public sector super funds. Today, more than 50% of Australian workers have their retirement savings invested in property through ISPT.

Robert Luxmoore - Project Management

Project Manager

Robert Luxmoore is the appointed project manager who brings more than 30 years of experience across a number of construction industry sectors, including residential development.

Robert Luxmoore is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the project and project team, providing management services and advice on all aspects of planning, design and construction coupled with engagement and coordination of Government, Council and Authorities.

Tract Consultants

Town Planner & Landscape Architect

Tract is a key consultant of the Kingswood Project Team. As one of Australia’s leading planning and design consultancies, Tract offers a full range of planning services for both private and public clients.

Tract is providing planning services with respect to the Planning Scheme Amendment and planning approvals and is the conduit between the project, Kingston City Council, Government Departments and Authorities.

Tract will also  design the landscape masterplan based on its philosophy to ensure the landscape architectural treatment of any site is of the highest design quality, respecting local environmental, social and economic characteristics.


Urban Designer

One of Australia’s leading design practices specialising in residential architecture, DKO Architecture has been responsible for some of Australia’s most innovative homes and living environments.

DKO has been appointed as the urban designer, responsible for the creation of the overall masterplan. Furthermore, DKO is assisting with the architectural vision and built form outcomes through the development of design guidelines which aim to create a unique character for the new community.

SMEC - Local People. Global Experience

Civil & Services Engineer

SMEC is a professional services firm recognised around the world for providing high quality consultancy services on major infrastructure projects.

SMEC is providing engineering expertise through design of the civil and services infrastructure for the development.

Cardno - Shaping The Future

Hydrological Engineer

Cardno is a professional infrastructure and environmental services company with expertise in stormwater and floodplain management analysis and investigations through Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Cardno is tasked with the engineering and design of a flood mitigation and drainage strategy for the overall storm water management and hydraulic function of the proposed development.

One Mile Grid - Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineer

One Mile Grid possess extensive experience in all aspects of traffic and transport planning for residential, commercial, industrial, transport, education and health sector developments.

One Mile Grid is appointed to undertake traffic studies and provide design advice with regards to the existing traffic framework and integration of all future transportation modes (inclusive of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and public transport) within the estate.


Geotechnical Engineer

Coffey has been appointed to undertake geotechnical assessments across the site to assist the engineers in understanding the overall site geology. By using geotechnical tools and methodologies, Coffey will define, quantify, analyse and predict the behaviour of what lies beneath the ground surface.

Coffey will assess what effects the ground will have on built structures; and what effects works could have on their surrounding environments.


Environmental Consultants

Senversa is a leading environmental consulting firm with specialist scientific and engineering skills, including Environmental Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) appointed environmental auditors.

Senversa has been tasked with undertaking both preliminary and detailed environmental assessments of soil, groundwater and landfill gas migration to ascertain if any contamination risk may be present on the existing site, and engineer any environmental management strategies for the future development in close liaison with Kingston City Council and the EPA as required.

Ecology and Heritage Partners


Ecology and Heritage Partners is an experienced ecological and cultural heritage consultancy selected to undertake flora and fauna assessments across the site and provide design and legislative advice with regards to the existing environment found on site.

Furthermore, Ecology and Heritage Partners will provide advice on future design, management and sustainability of existing and created ecological communities.

Homewood Consulting


Homewood Consulting has been appointed to provide expert advice that has been procured over many years in the industry and management of trees in the existing Kingswood landscape.

Services provided by Homewood include a detailed audit of existing trees, preparation of the arborist reports and tree management plans.

Hellier McFarland - Development Consultans Town Planners Land Survayors


Hellier McFarland is the appointed land surveyor with great experience in residential, industrial andrural subdivisions.

Hellier McFarland’s surveyors may have been observed undertaking a detailed site survey to assist the project engineers and designers in understanding the site features such as levels, existing buildings, services, trees, water bodies, roads and neighbouring properties.

This information will be used by designers to address all aspects of the current site conditions within the proposed masterplan.

Charter Keck Cramer

Market Analyst

Charter Keck Cramer, an elite multi-disciplinary firm specialising in property intelligence, has been engaged to provide research and analytical advice on the current economic and market trends for Dingley Village and its surrounds.

Charter Keck Cramer has assisted in developing a thorough understanding of the accommodation requirements of Dingley Village, thereby assisting the Kingswood Project Team to make sensible decisions about the various housing typologies that may be offered within the future development.

ASR Research - Community Planning

Social Planner

ASR Research has been appointed to assist with gaining an understanding of Dingley Village’s social infrastructure and community needs via a detailed assessment of the current provision of community services such as open space, sports and recreation, schools, health and government services.

ASR is held in high regard by both developers and government alike through delivery of community assets that will benefit all residents of Dingley Village and the wider community.


Affordable Housing Consultant

UrbanXchange has worked with Government, Councils, Developers and Not-for-Profits to provide specialist advice on the provision of affordable housing throughout Victoria, in both green and brownfield developments.

UrbanXchange has undertaken an Affordable Housing Review of Dingley Village and the surrounding suburbs. The review assists in developing an affordable housing strategy, delivering and managing outcomes for the development that will be required by council as part of the planning process.

Hello City

Place Making Consultant

Hello City is a dynamic agency appointed to provide new ways of thinking and new ways of working around all aspects of the way people live their lives.

Hello City provides services to governments, developers, businesses & community organisations; it has a wealth of experience in providing strategies for improving the quality of the urban experience, urban design and community engagement, public art and retail interface.

Hello City is assisting the Kingswood Project Team to understand “Who is Dingley Village?” and how the masterplan can enhance this sense of local pride and ownership.

Hugh Jones Media

Public Relations Consultant

Hugh Jones is an experienced media manager and journalist who has been assisting the Kingswood Project Team with all aspects of public relations to facilitate the team’s understanding of the local Dingley Village community through meetings with various community members and groups.

These consultations are vital for the project team to learn what the community would like to see from any future development and integration with Dingley Village.

Hugh is also been a key point of contact should you have any questions about the development.

Oliver Hume

Estate Agents

Oliver Hume is a multi-disciplinary Australian property services company which, through its New Communities division, is assisting the Kingswood Project Team with the marketing and sale of homes in the new masterplanned community.

Oliver Hume also provides strategic design advice gained through its experience locally and nationally, to create the best possible design outcome to seamlessly integrate into the local Dingley Village community.