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Should you wish to ask a question of the Kingswood Project Team, please provide your details below with an outline of your specific question. We will endeavour to publically respond to your question via this website, where appropriate.


A: The site has been locked until the owner decides its future. The owner’s preferred outcome is for the site to be thoughtfully and intelligently redeveloped to allow for much-needed housing in Kingston as well as other community amenities.

A: The owner has said they want to work with the community and Kingston Council to achieve an agreeable future for the site. The owner will continue discussions with all relevant stakeholders, including the Dingley Village Community Association, and any developments will be announced on this website.

A: No. The owner can take their time to determine the best outcome.

A: The site owner has engaged a property manager to ensure the land and boundaries are maintained to Kingston Council’s expectations. A site manager has been appointed to address ongoing property management and security issues as they arise.

A: We have been advised to install the extra security as because the site has been trespassed on a number of occasions. Water storages present a safety hazard and must be fenced. The high-visibility fences are a requirement to meet safety performance expectations.

A: The property manager is responsible for maintaining the site, including the existing vegetation. Watering is being done in accordance with Council expectations.

A: The clubhouse was vacated when the golf club moved and has now been locked with security installations activated. It is empty and will remain so until the owner decides its future. In the meantime, it will continue to receive any necessary maintenance.

March 8, 2019